Ankle Straps

January 22, 2016

I don’t indulge in shoes often, certainly not heels. I am the kind of person who will buy a really comfortable pair of shoes, use it until it can’t be used anymore then move on to my next pair. Ofcourse, this pair of shoe is mostly neutral in style & colour so it can complement with every outfit ! (I am addicted to the classic black TOMS at the moment)

But recently I’ve developed a thing for some ankle strap heels as they seem to be the most flattering for my tiny feet (Yes, tiny ! I am a size 36 and have a very hard time finding shoes). I’ll always stick to my “one; everyday shoe” policy but I’ve promised myself to change it up from time to time and take some bold chances when it comes to my daily style.

This first pair is my absolute favourite ! If there is anything that I love in my shoes, it is when they are classic and can be paired with most outfits. This black & cream pair is not only perfect, but it is compatible with almost everything I am currently loving in fashion. Not surprisingly, I am wearing them all the time, mostly at work with a bold red lip. They’re effortless and instantly pull your entire look together. Love them !

I steer clear of bold colour shoes as often as possible, I really do. As you may be able to tell, I try to play it safe and stick to the neutral colours.. but in light of making a conscious effort to incorporate more colours in my style and take more chances, I decided to give these a try. Its 2016 ! I want to be more colourful, more bright and more visible. That is exactly what I told myself before I clicked “Checkout” on these bold babies. I’m paring them with my favourite dark washed jeans skirt and a neutral top to really make them the focus of the outfit.

Black & White Ankle Straps – Dorothy Perkins via Namshi

Orange Anke Straps – Dorothy Perkins via Namshi 


 – S

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