Blogging – An Introduction

February 13, 2016

I wanted to write a short post talking about why I have decided to blog and what I expect from it.

I have wanted to do this project for more than a year now but its always been intimidating to put content out there for people to read & judge. But this past year has been a great revelation for me in terms of building more confidence in my work and personal life, alike. I believe I’m always trying to be more creative and look at things in a different way. That is also part reason why I chose marketing as my major, it has the most amount of freedom when it comes to opinions & ideas. And I have a lot of ideas.

I wanted to put these ideas across and share my experiences because I feel that putting creative energy out in this world inspires more creativity. That is how I am inspired, on a daily basis.

This blog is my personal creative space. When I feel inspired I like to write down my inspiration, capture it in pictures so I decided to put them out there for everyone to see. By no means am I an expert in anything that I will write about. If anything, I may be an amateur at all of them but that is why I have decided to pursue this project. My aim with this space is to combine all the things I love doing and make this a learning experience to improve my skills in several ways.

What I expect from this space ? At the moment, just a great experience and a chance to be more expressive, be bold. This space makes me happy. These past couple of months I have put my weekends to this space, creating everything you see now and will see in the coming weeks. I have put this effort because I truly loved what I was doing and it makes me happy.

Thanks for having a read !


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