Everyday Makeup Essentials

February 22, 2016

I don’t have perfect skin which is why from time to time I go to my trusty makeup collection to resemble a decent human being as opposed to a dead zombie (I hope you never catch me on those days)

Oh and by decent human being I don’t mean a full face of contouring, highlighting, strobing & more. I mean my very few, handy, quick and trustful makeup pieces that will ensure my safety against the beautiful human species (shh..I’m secretly a zombie in disguise)

Here is a short list of my magic products :

  1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (10) : This one evens out my skin tone and does a great job at covering my imperfections while still maintaining my natural skin. It feels light and is a great base for any regular day. Also, its a great dupe for the NARS radiant creamy concealer.
  2. Benefit Hervana : I absolutely adore this one ! Its the perfect shade for all skin tones and the warm pink gives you a flushed, natural effect without feeling too heavy. Plus, it has a great swirl of light and dark tones not only giving you a natural blush but also a healthy, radiant glow.
  3. Benefit Roller Lash : When it comes to my lashes, I am one of those unlucky people in the world who have long but droopy lashes. My lashes, unfortunately, don’t have a natural curl that pops open my almond eyes. This is why rarely I find a mascara that not only lengthens but also does a semi decent job at lifting my lashes without an eyelash curler. This one is one of those rare mascaras. I got this sample size one a couple months ago in my Sephora membership gift and I’m addicted !
  4. Lipsticks : You cannot possibly think that I would have a regular everyday lipstick. Lipsticks are the one thing that I constantly change in my look. I have this theory called, The Lipstick Phenomenon, which I will explain in detail in a different blog post but basically a lipstick can do wonders on your worst days. I always play with different shades on different days depending on my mood. I’ve been into pink nudes a lot lately.
  5. DKNY Delicious blossom : Not makeup related but just as important ! A girl is incomplete without her scent. If you live in Dubai and have endured it’s heat then you know a perfume or some deodorant is the most essential thing in your bag. I always carry a travel size of my current perfume to smell human all day.

I put all these in my small makeup bag along with some necessary hair ties or bobby pins and I’m ready to conquer this world one fresh face at a time.

Let me know what your everyday beauty essentials are & check out my sister’s video tutorial here on how to achieve an amazing make up look using these basic products !


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