Sometimes you just need a break…

October 17, 2016

More often than we realize, life catches up on us and we forget to give ourselves some ME time. Getting caught up is easy, you get caught up in work, at home, with friends and then soon enough you haven’t had time to catch up with yourself.

Sometimes you just need a break… be able to take a deep breath, center yourself and wind down. I’ve had a crazy past week with lots of things going on so this weekend I took some time off to myself and  I thought I would share a few ways to wind down that I follow …..

Go offline // Switch it all off – going offline for a bit is more important than given credit for. We live in a world where so much information is out there that it can get overwhelming and stressful to our minds sometimes. Go ahead and switch it off, social media, Netflix everything, just turn it off. I’m trying to make it a habit to do this once in a while and go off the grid, if only for a couple of hours to allow my mind to rest, process & recuperate. I recommend a couple of hours before bed, its the best and most calming.

Give yourself a mini spa break – This one is my personal favorite. Whether you decide to do this at home or go to the salon, I can guarantee this will have you relaxed and rejuvenated in no time. I personally like to conduct  routine of my own at home. I start with a nice steam followed by a face mask (face masks are my favs) and run myself a bath (mostly I use a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar or both !) then light some candles and truly wind down. It helps me de-stress and more importantly reach a state of mindfulness.

Let it out // Write it down – keeping things inside never helps, ever. When I was younger, I used to keep a journal where I would religiously write down my feelings and record my days. As I’ve grown, so have my responsibilities that take up lot more of my time and don’t allow me to be as punctual on my entries as I used to be. However, once in a while I take out the little battered old thing that I call my diary and just write the things that are on my mind. It always, always helps ! This is partly also reason why I love my blog so much, as it provides me with an outlet. You don’t have to be an amazing writer, just follow your heart & mind, grab a pen. Start writing about things that may be getting to you and breathe.

Listen to some music – Those of us living here in Dubai have not been blessed with what is known as Spotify yet. Nevertheless, there are some decent alternatives such as Deezer and Soundclound that I have my playlists on. I am not a very particular person when it comes to music; I listen to anything & everything that I like or enjoy. Most of the time I enjoy chillout house or classic jazz, these two genres calm me down and help me unwind perfectly.

Think in the NOW – And finally, think in the now. So many of us (including me) get caught up in stressing about the future. We focus so much on the future that it begins to affect our now. Don’t get me wrong, planning for the future is important, but stressing over it is not. Sometimes we need to breathe and accept that all things happen for a reason. I try to enjoy the moment I am in and appreciate it rather than being anxious about the next one. I understand that this isn’t a quick & easy way but in the long run, reminding yourself to frequently do this will work.

Let me know if you any other ways to de-stress & take a break.



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