Glambox August 2017

September 6, 2017

The last time I was a subscribed to a Glambox was two years ago in June 2015, I was a subscriber for 3 months and never renewed my subscription. I can’t remember why I did that but that is just how it was until last month when I gave into the 50% early bird discount & brought myself a 6 month subscription! Now, I completely forgot how it feels to gift yourself a box full of beauty products every month. Its truly the best feeling ever! and for approximately AED 50 a box, the deal can’t get any better. I got the first of my 6 boxes this month and thought why not do mini review on my blog.

P.s Yes I know I have been completely MIA on my blog, which is for a few different reasons that I shall delve into later…..

To begin with I have a confession to make, a slightly huge mistake! As soon as the Glambox deliveries began I started looking at all the things that fellow subscribers got in their boxes. This was bad because I really wanted that Inglot lipstick.. turns out my box was a different version of the boxes going out this month and I ended up being just a little disappointed (recovered just amazingly fine later!) upon the first viewing of my box!

Nevertheless, here is a mini breakdown:

  • Alterna Caviar Repair Shampoo – I’m in love with the idea of trying this! I’ve been into organic shampoos lately that are free of sulpathes & parabens. Girls out there, trust me this is very important! After experiencing severe post wedding hair fall, the only this I could do was switch to all natural products & give my hair a break from all the harshness it had endured. My hair fall took about 3 months to get under control and one of the major contributors of that was Organic Care Shampoo & Conditioner range. This is why I am eagerly looking froward to trying the Caviar Repair. It’s by Alterna and claims to be free of all the ugly chemicals in our daily shampoos. Moreover this Shampoo claims to Repair the damage on a microscopic level. I’ll keep you guys updated what I think about it after my first us.


  • Nivea Powder Deodorant – How to convey in words the importance of deodorant in a city that is as heated up as Dubai. This one is an essential and I am so glad I got one that is travel size to be able to always pop it into my handbag 🙂


  • Himalya Herbals Face Wash – Ah, Himalaya; my teenage love! I swore by this facewash for many many years as I was growing up, refusing to change because “Neem is amazing for your face” was the most common sentence said by most Indian mothers around the world. I was sad when I left this behind but with growing age, our skin changes and it is important to change skincare as well, since things that worked for your younger skin don’t work anymore. Nevertheless I’ve passed it on to my sister who loves it now just as much as I did.


  • Eyeliner – I prefer to use liquid or sketch eyeliners as opposed to pencil eyeliners so I wasn’t the most excited to get this product. However, the brand Arcancil has been making rounds on my social media page lately with some great items. I won’t be using this as my daily eyeliner but its always good to have a pencil handy for the occasional smokey eye.


  • Missha BB Cream – I definitely got this in a wrong shade. This means I am not even going to attempt to blend this into my face because I know Ill be setting myself up for miserable failure but for the purpose of this blog post, I did try to blend it on my hands to feel the texture and quality of the product itself. On first impression, a little goes a long way! Make sure to take the tiniest amount of product. It has all the feelings of being light & smooth textured so no ringing alarms there. Now let me tell you Missha is a Korean brand and Korean beauty is something I’m really keen to indulge in right now. Missha comes recommended from my sister-in-law as well. Ill probably give this one another try and see if I can get my hands on the correct shade. In the meantime, probably giving this one away


  • Silicon Sponge – The item I am most excited to get my hands on! Raves and raves about this new application tool. I remember when the beauty blender was a phenomenal breakthrough & well people still haven’t stopped using it. The silicon sponge hasn’t caught up to that hype yet but its close. Claiming to be much more hygienic & much more effective in application, the silicon sponge is a revolutionizing beauty tool. Now let me tell you, I do prefer using a brush for my foundation application as opposed to a beauty blender. Yes I am not a beauty blender fan but I am intrigued to give this sponge a try.


  • Rituals Shower Gel – I’ve done some research on this product already because its one thing to buy products & do research on them before you buy, this way you know what you’re about to use. But when you’re sent something in a mystery box, I prefer to read up a little on the product I am about to use. Don’t get me wrong, I love experimentation in beauty but doesn’t hurt to read up a little on it. I believe it helps put a positive or negative swing towards you liking the product. The brand has its on sense of being in the way it is formed, pressing significance on the power of having rituals as a part of your fast paced life. I love when a brand focuses on that because I, myself try from time to time practicing mindfulness (always terribly failing). This product is a shower gel mousse coming in from one of their collections called the Laughing Buddha (just the name makes you want to indulge yourself in it) topping it with the smells of cedar wood & oranges. However upon trying this last night in the shower I was a bit disappointed as it didn’t live up to the full extent of my expectations as marketed online. I think I’m just a hardcore Lush girl forever & always when it comes to my showers & baths (sigh).

There you have it, my first Glambox after almost 2 years. Still love the feeling! Also a huge thank you to Glambox as they announced me as the winner of the Glamcard competition & have given me a complimentary 3 month subscription !!!!!! (Wohoo)

Chio mamacitas I’m off to my never-ending Glambreak……



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